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We last talked about two years ago, when the Hiatus weekly briefing went on a hiatus of its own.

Today, the Hiatus briefing is back, with renewed focus and some big improvements. 

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Hiatus is the calm, focused version of the news. No social media. No clickbait. No distractions. Instead, I’ll write a thoughtful, balanced, wide-ranging look at each week’s events, so you can be a fully informed, responsible citizen with just a few minutes of reading each week. 

That means you can avoid the slot-machine mindset of modern news web sites, and you can dramatically reduce your social media use, since you don’t have to worry about missing out on any big news. 

I’ll also add occasional deep dives into important areas of the news, as well as recommendations for books and other longer reads — the goal being to give you more opportunities for deep, focused learning so you’re not tempted to fill your time in the endless void of social media and non-stop news. 

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